#NanoInterview: Dr. Pus, "Library of the Living Dead"

After a long hiatus, the beloved Library of the Living Dead podcast has returned!

DD: Thanks for plugging in, Doc! What can listeners expect from the newly-reanimated Library of the Living Dead podcast?

DP: Thank you Dave, it's my pleasure. One of the major changes with the Library of the Living Dead Podcast is that it will be "All Zombie, All the Time". No more Horror, no more Sci-Fi ....... only Zombie. We also plan to add a zombie game review each episode. Those will be done by Zombie Farmer. Brad Zipprich will have a multi-episode story too. Eric Lowther will also have his hands (and most excellent voice) in the Podcast. Other than that it will be like the old podcast with all of the regular stuff like the Manic Minute, Zombie Songs, Letters from the Dead, long and short stories and hopefully a zombie book we can present in chapters.

DD: What's your studio setup like? How much time goes into producing a single episode?

DP: I built my studio years ago when I was in a heavy metal band called Renfield. It's sound deadened and sound proof. Makes my wife very happy when I'm recording.

The podcast takes about one week to produce. Some times longer when I go crazy on the "full production" stuff.

DD: Do you have any other media projects in the works?

DP: Right now Eric Lowther is working on the sequel to his most excellent book "Area 187: Almost Hell". I will then get back into publishing. Slowly though. I'm not going to let the publishing side take complete control of my life like I did seven years ago. There will also be a third volume of "Zombology" in the future. I love those books.

DD: Describe your long-time love for the zombie. How did it all begin?

DP: My long time love for Zombies started like so many other older people. It was a little black and white movie called "Night of the Living Dead". I watched it first in 1969 on Channel 11's "Chiller Theater" with its host, the most excellent Chilly Billy Cardille. I was hooked from the cemetery scene. Mind you I was only in the sixth grade and it scared the hell out of me. I didn't sleep at all that night. The next day I taped cardboard over my bedroom windows to keep the zombies in my neighborhood out. Took a good whippin' for that one. At least I didn't nail up boards.

DD: What would you like to see more (or less) of in the zombie genre?

DP: I'm soooooo into zombies that I want to see anything and everything in the zombie genre. Fast, slow, groanin', moanin' rotting zombies. Ii live for it Dave. I really do. I'll watch or read anything that has to do with any kind of zombie. I'm just a huge fan of the undead.

And thanks Dave for allowing me to answer your questions. They brought back a lot of fond memories for me.

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