Michael "Dr. Pus" West: 1957-2023


Dr. Michael West was better known to most round these parts as Dr. Pus, host of the Library of the Living Dead podcast and founder of Library of the Living Dead Press. Names aside, if you knew Doc, you had a friend for life.

For years, through his show and company, Doc promoted and then published authors from across the spectrum. He especially liked supporting new artists. Beyond all that he was just a nice guy, often crackling with creativity and an enthusiasm for welcoming everyone into his tent. “You’re welcome here” was as ubiquitous a slogan as “Zombies can’t read—hopefully you can.”  

The community that grew around the podcast coalesced into a tight-knit family of writers, artists, zombie fans and people who like to read. The Library really was about encouraging reading as much as it was about encouraging zombies. And it was a very pro-zombie program.

Doc was a wonderful friend. Having just heard the news of his passing, I’m still sorting through a deluge of memories. God, there are a lot of photos out there too. I’m sure you’ll see some as we remember him. To his loved ones, my heart goes out to you. Thank you so much for being you and for sharing Mike with us. Nothing can repay that. (For their privacy I’m not linking any obituary here.)

Doc was a wonderful person. Wonderful to a fault, if that's even a thing. He loved and gave so much. Even if he wasn’t feeling 100%, he’d fight to give that much and more to someone who needed it. So many people will remember his spirit for a long long time.




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This will likely be the last post on this blog. With the relaunch of daviddunwoody.com, I'm going to be featuring new content over there, as well as on the Facebook page (my other FB pages are similarly going inactive).

This blog will remain here as an archive, although some posts will eventually be copied over to DD.com. This site began in 2006 as the home of my first novel, Empire, in a free-to-read serial form. In the 15 years since, I've had the opportunity to connect with so many great people, and to share with you the strange fruits of my imagination. The connections forged here have helped keep me alive--make me feel alive. 

Here's to a lot more living.


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New Eyes

Badass adaptation by Michelle Suhar of my short story "New Eyes" from Dark Entities.

Blooper reel: here