#NanoInterview: Brad Zipprich

DD: Thanks for plugging in, Brad! First off, tell us about your history in podcasting/voice work. You've done a lot.

BZ: I have been podcasting for well over eight years now and really love discussing varies television shows. It is always fun to get out there and break down a show you have recently watch as well as hear what people around the world have to say about it. My first major podcast, Watchers of Anarchy which covered the show Sons of Anarchy, was like that. We had an amazingly huge audience worldwide. Receiving voicemails from Scotland Australia and everywhere in between each week was a joy.
I got into podcasting through doing voice work. Storytelling is a big thing for me and I am still putting out occasional audio stories as time permits. Have a few of them in the works right now, one of which I hope to get out this year.

DD: You host the ZCast, a Z Nation fan podcast. Tell us about the program.

BZ: When Syfy released Z Nation I was all in for this show. It was zombies, it was different and they immediately killed off who you thought would be the lead character in first episode. After that I was hooked. A few episodes in I decided, since my podcasting schedule was cleared since Sons of Anarchy had finished, that I needed to do a podcast for Z Nation plus nobody else was doing it. I posted it on Facebook and Susan Monk, fellow podcaster and occasional fill in host on Watchers of Anarchy volunteered. Next up was friend and writer Rhiannon Frater who threw her hand up. We started recapping he show weekly then started landing interviews with the actors and crew. We have pretty much interviewed everyone on the show a few of the actors a couple times. 

DD: You've had some cool guests on your various podcasts. Who are some of your favorites?

BZ: Everyone on the Z Nation side has been a treat to talk with. They all love the show as much as the fans do. We had a chance to chat with Sara Coates who had a small part to play in the series as Serena aka Pie Girl, and she was hilarious. Don't think I have ever laughed that much in an interview before.
I am currently writing for PureFandom.com and I have been doing a podcast segment over there as well called Brad and Cort Talk with my cohost from Watchers of Anarchy. We are covering everything that is going on at Syfy now so we have been getting some really great interviews there as well. Just recently we have chatted with Rukiya Bernard and Trezzo Mahoro from Van Helsing as well as Neil LaBute who is the showrunner. Have to say that the actors on Syfy have all been a treat to talk with.

DD: What are you up to writing-wise?

BZ: There are a few things lingering out there that need to be picked up again eventually. Currently though I am working on a creepy doll audio story that will most likely be rather long. Already have the lead parts cast in it. I've done some other short creepy doll stories and cast my friends’ kids as the parts but they wanted to do something more so came up with a plan to do a much longer story. Drove over to Indiana to do a Warrior Dash with my friend and on the way back we outlined the entire story. Just putting fingers to keyboard in between my entertainment writing now. Hoping to get the script done within a month or two then the hunt for audio sounds and music begins before I get everyone in to record their parts.

DD: Is there anything you want to see more (or less) of in zombiedom?

BZ: I would love to see less of origin stories. Sure everyone knows the dead rise and then the survivors rise up and do whatever they do to survive. How about we start a good 50 years down the road at least. In a time where the only people who remember anything about the world just happened to be young at that point so they might not remember much.
I grew up in the 80's reading post-apocalyptic books like Deathlands under pen name James Axler. The Deathlands world sets up what I am looking for in zombies these days. In the series the bombs are dropped in 2001 then humanity struggles to survive. 100 years later the series takes off. Let's see some new zombie worlds out there and less of people heading to the mall. Unless it is Monroeville Mall of course.

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